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"The wound is the place where the light enters you."


-  Rumi

Katrina Mikiah



'Trauma's Gift' provides private and group coaching to support you in moving past the painful and limiting impact of early childhood, birth, and transgenerational trauma so that you can truly be who you came into this world to be. 


While the words 'trauma' and 'gift' might seem mutually exclusive, I would like to invite you to consider a way of looking at trauma that truly does offer each of us a gift. The path to receiving this gift is not an easy one and it does require the willingness to take responsibility for our own pain, even if we are not responsible for its origins, but the reward of the journey is worth the effort. The "gold" is your life, your authenticity, your emotional and physical health, your spark, your ability to love and be loved. It is the You who hoped to be when consciousness took form as you.

The services you will find on this site are my way of contributing to the healing that is so deeply needed on our planet, and they come from my conviction that all healing has to start with our relationship to ourselves. We may struggle with conflicts in personal relationships, self-criticism, physical ailments, or mental illness, or be suffering as a result of natural disasters, religious indoctrination, poverty, or some kind of discrimination. We may feel we have been victimized and, at times, recognize that we have also been perpetrators. Nevertheless, the causes and the solutions to our pain fundamentally come back to behavior -- to the choices we make and the effects they have. How we behave towards ourselves, others, and our environment has a lot to do with how connected we are to ourselves and the degree to which we have attended to our own pain, for pain that is suppressed will eventually arise in the form of behavior that not only hurts ourselves, others, and the planet, but that deprives ourselves of the opportunity to truly enjoy life.


I offer myself as a companion and safe space to anyone who feels ready to meet themself in a deeper, more compassionate way. I hold that you are already whole, innately worthy, and deeply wise, and that healing is ultimately a matter of becoming aware of how you've been hurt, what you have done to survive, and of gently reaching out with a loving hand to the parts of yourself that went into hiding because staying present wasn't safe. 


-  Katrina Mikiah

   IoPT Practitioner

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