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Coaching for Religious Trauma

Religion ideally serves as a pillar of support in the journey of self-understanding and personal development. Unfortunately, for many individuals, it has instead inflicted a deep wound — one of disconnection from oneself. When religion teaches that human nature is inherently evil or prone to evil tendencies, and when its emphasis lies on a deity external to ourselves as the sole source of salvation, it inadvertently directs us away from our own inner landscapes. This divergence often leads to distressing life experiences such as anxiety, self-loathing, self-destructive behaviors, suffocating perfectionism, fear of self-expression, suppression of emotions deemed 'negative', repression of healthy human sexuality, and estrangement from, or even hostility towards, our bodies, among other repercussions.

If you find resonance with these struggles and are prepared to embark on a deeply personal journey of healing and self-discovery, I am here to offer my support. Whether you are grappling with the aftermath of religious indoctrination or courageously stepping away from a faith that no longer resonates with you, I would be honored to accompany you on your path. With compassion, I will help you explore avenues to enhance your self-worth, cultivate self-compassion and confidence, and reconnect with your innate innocence, empowering you to stride confidently towards your aspirations. Remember, it is your inherent right to live authentically and embrace the essence of who you are meant to be.

I extend a warm invitation for you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me, should you wish to meet me, share aspects of your journey, or address any questions you may have. Should you choose to engage in this journey together, we can collaboratively identify a weekly schedule for our sessions. Some weeks, you may find solace in conversation or a compassionate ear, while others, you may seek practical assistance in pursuing specific goals or processing particular experiences. At times, you may feel prepared to delve deeper into the traumatic impacts of religious indoctrination or past experiences. Rest assured, I will meet you where you are, respecting your pace and honoring your truth. I will serve as your facilitator, companion, and occasional guide, acknowledging that you are the foremost authority on your own life. Through this partnership, you can rekindle trust in yourself and discover the clarity and resilience to embody your authentic self.

This coaching program includes 12 weekly one-to-one sessions -- any combination of Religious Trauma Coaching or IoPT Self-encounters -- and the option to attend 1-3 monthly Religious Trauma IoPT Workshops. (Working places at these workshops are available for an additional fee of $60.)

To read more about my personal experience with religion and my professional perspectives on religious trauma, read 'Uncovering the Impact of Religious Trauma on Identity'.

Religious Trauma Coaching

  • Coaching for Religious Trauma

    A 12-week coaching package to support you in recovering from religious trauma
    Valid for 3 months
    • Monthly Religious Trauma IoPT Workshop
    • Free Consultation
    • Individual IoPT Self-encounters
    • Coaching for Religious Trauma Recovery
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