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We all are bringing the weight of our past. Sometimes it seems too hard to understand how it really impacts our present moment and how to fix the behavioral patterns and emotions it has created in our life.

I'm like any other people; I'm a human being with my own life experience and karma I have to pass through. But there are some people who are not indifferent to the hardness we may struggle, and Katrina Mikiah is one of them. She appeared in my life last year when I was looking for assistance and support to go through the loss [of my mother] and it was the greatest gift I was blessed with last year.

Recently, I participated in an IoPT session with her and solved the emotional pattern that had been existing in my family for the last 83 years and influencing the lives of all the women of my kin. 

I decided to share my experience so that you could join one of her workshops if you wish and get the results you probably don't think are possible,

- Maria Melnikova

Doing IoPT work within the frame of a constant group gave me the feeling of safety which enabled me, being new to this work, to relax within myself and to explore different ways of showing up, building the confidence and trust in bringing up what I'm feeling. The group work also gave me a tangible experience of how we are all interconnected and how the individual's healing is the healing of the collective. As a resonator, I felt I was getting as much benefit (insights, energetic shifts) as the main character. Whatever was brought up in the group was completely relatable to my own experience in life and supported me in processing and getting insights into my own challenges, with the same potency as if I was the one whose issue was explored.

So grateful to Katrina for the guidance and space holding full of wisdom and compassion.

- M. S. (Participant in Women's IoPT Intensive)

I have done what I consider to be a lot of inner work, and the work I did with Katrina represents one of the most significant reconnections I've made within myself. 


Katrina's compassionate and clear presence of mind, combined with the grounded, pragmatic approach of her IOPT training, allowed me to access an expanded awareness in which I was able to see that some very big disconnected pieces in my psyche are now ready to reacquaint themselves with each other, and I was able to see for the first time the "nuts and bolts" of how that could happen. My brief time with her represents a breakthrough in my understanding of myself, and in my finally feeling myself to be essentially a whole person, capable of handling life's responsibilities while grounded in my true nature. 


 I believe the change I am sensing within myself after my first session with her will take root as I continue to enjoy the nourishing flow of energy and thought that our process together has allowed me to rediscover.


Thanks again, Katrina! 

- Bente Grinde

I have attended several workshops with Katrina over the past few years. I have benefited greatly from them!  My relationship with my elderly father is much easier and more full of compassion than before.  And I had a dramatic improvement in my relationship with some chronic health issues after the last Trauma focused workshop with Katrina.  I have much less worry and more self acceptance since that workshop. What a relief!  I have noticed at each workshop that Katrina is gentle, kind and very present with each person and thus creates a warm and safe environment for unfolding and healing to occur.   Thank you, Katrina!!

- Nancy H.

I am truly thankful to have found Katrina. For the first time in my life, I was able to dive into my deepest fears because she made me feel safe and comfortable. She is an amazing listener, holding space for me to process feelings I have shoved down for so many years. I was able to come out the other end with answers and a new perspective because of her. Thank you Katrina for your support!

- Chelsea Cook

Katrina’s women only group quickly became a nourishing moment in my week that I looked forward to. To be heard and witnessed by a group of women in this way was very healing. Katrina holds that space in such a delicate and mindful way that we all felt safe to go into very vulnerable areas and to be seen and held by the group. I felt truly blessed to have been part of her group, with the wise authentic and caring women who attended.

- M. M. (Participant in Women's IoPT Intensive)

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