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The Intention Method (based on IoPT theory)                              


The following description assumes a group workshop context. The process, in a one-to-one context, takes a slightly different form but is still very valuable. Both group and private sessions work very well online.


  • Out of the group, one person is identified who will be the “client”.

  • The client begins by identifying an intention – what it is they want from the session. This can be a sentence, a sentence fragment, individual words, or even a picture or a drawing.

  • If the session is taking place in person, the client then writes or paints it on a tablet or whiteboard.

  • The client then selects up to three key words or elements from the intention to be represented in the process.

  • The client then chooses resonators (from among the other participants in the workshop) for each element of the intention and gives the starting signal for the process.

  • The resonators quiet themselves and begin to sense the nature of the element they are representing. This is a matter of simply noticing what is happening for them – what they are feeling physically and emotionally, what they are thinking, etc.

  • As the facilitator, I accompany the client as they check in with their resonators and receive from them the essence of their experience in the resonance. The client can hold dialogues with the resonators as they wish.

  • Based on my knowledge and experience, I may offer suggestions or observations of what is happening.


This process creates an external picture of the psychological structure of the person who is the active client. As a rule, their healthy psychological parts are just as visible as their traumatized parts and their trauma survival strategies.


The client’s intention often reflects a piece of their trauma history.

Depending on the issue, they may experience deep emotional release and/or gain new knowledge and insights about themself on a more conscious level.

The Intention Method ensures that no re-traumatization takes place through the therapeutic work and that the person concerned can take self-determined steps at their own pace.

Watch a video of Franz Ruppert explaining the Intention Method.

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